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Seawall Repair in Boca Raton

seawall repair in boca raton, floridaIt is uncommon to find a home in Florida that is not surrounded by or near some sort of water, especially in the Boca Raton area. This makes seawall repair an especially important service here.

Whether that water source is the ocean, a pond, lake, or river, it is likely to be relatively close to your home. However, if that water is too close to your home, it can cause some problems. During hurricanes and major storms, sea levels or water levels in lakes and rivers can rise dramatically, threatening flooding in and around your home.

Another problem associated with large water sources being too close to your home is erosion. Whether the water source is the ocean, a lake, river, pond, or stream, it can cause erosion. Erosion happens when water starts to wash away soil. Waves and high-tide pull the sand and soil into the water and slowly eat away at the shoreline. The sandy soil on Florida beachfront property is especially prone to this.

As this water washes away the soil near your home, it can start to compromise the structural integrity of your very foundation. As soil underneath and around the concrete of your foundation is eroded, the foundation will become unstable and might settle or shift. This results in a lack of support that can cause structural instability in the home above. Cracks in the wall or floor, gaps above windows, sticking doors, or bowing and leaning walls are all signs of foundation settlement or movement.

Seawalls for Erosion Prevention in Boca Raton

That is where seawalls come in. Seawalls are structures that are built to prevent water from the ocean or lake from eroding the shore. These seawalls, sometimes called bulkheads, are a must for both residential and commercial beachfront or lakefront properties all over Florida.

Located directly on the southeastern coast of the state, many Boca Raton homes and businesses are directly exposed to the ocean. Other sources of water in Boca Raton include the Gulf Stream, Lake Boca Raton,  Lake Wyman, and Lake Rodgers

Homes and businesses located near the coast or near any of these water sources should ensure that properly built seawalls are protecting their structures from beach erosion.

Boca Raton, Florida Seawall Problems

Even if there are seawalls to buildings in Boca Raton, the constant wear and tear of waves, wind, debris, and saltwater can cause these seawalls themselves to develop issues. As time passes, the seawalls might start to develop cracks due to age-related deterioration. This can allow water to seep behind and underneath the seawall, further deteriorating it. In addition, this leakage can erode soil underneath the seawall, removing the seawall’s support. When this happens, the seawall might start to settle. The seawall can also rotate as the ground underneath shifts and settles unevenly. Old, weakening seawalls can also start to bow, lean, or bulge outward.

seawall erosion repair boca raton flIf you see any of the following signs of seawall damage, you should take action immediately:

  • Seawall bowing
  • Rotation of seawall
  • Seawall cracks
  • Bulging seawalls
  • Cracks in seawall
  • Sinking seawalls
  • Gaps beneath seawall

These are all indications that your seawall needs repairs. The longer you wait to have your seawall repaired, the longer it will end up costing you – eventually, the only solution to your failing seawall will be to replace the entire thing. Seawall Professionals of Florida, a division of Foundation Professionals of Florida, is able to provide expert seawall repair for your Boca Raton waterfront property.

Seawall Repair for Boca Raton, FL Residents

Our seawall repair team can find the cause of and repair any issues you might be having with your seawall. Since most seawall failure is the result of voids forming underneath the seawall and causing the structure to settle, shift, or rotate, we offer a solution that is well-suited to this particular problem. One of our methods for seawall erosion repair is targeted grout injection.

In this repair method, we drill into the voids that have opened up underneath your seawall and inject a polyurethane grout. This grout expands as it is injected, ensuring that it completely fills the voids and all cracks and gaps. This injection also stabilizes the seawall to keep it strong and secure for years to come. After the initial repair, seawall cracks can be filled to prevent leakage that could lead to further erosion. Our team focuses on long-lasting repairs that will protect your home or business.

We specialize in seawall and bulkhead repair for all sorts of applications, both commercial and residential:

  • Residential properties
  • Condominiums
  • Waterfront resorts
  • Marinas
  • Beachfront businesses

These are just a few of the different locations that we can use our professional seawall repair methods in the Boca Raton area. Do not let your property suffer from coastal erosion due to seawall failure. To get a free quote on seawall repair for your Boca Raton, Florida oceanfront property, call the team at Seawall Professionals of Florida right away.

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