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Foundation Leaks

When you find cracks in your foundation, the very first thing you wonder is if you are going to have leaks. Water finds it’s way into your basement through cracks if they are big enough, and you can have an issue with a wet basement or crawl space. It is good to do an inspection of the interior and exterior of your foundation for foundation cracks frequently, and if you find a crack, call the foundation leak Florida experts at Foundation Professionals of Florida.

We have a few different solutions you can consider. We are proud to offer injection solutions from Prime Resins. We have polyurethane injections that can fill different types of cracks. You can count on pressure injection of our Prime Res series of epoxy injection resins to fill just about any crack you might come across.

To ground in Florida is known to be full of limestone. Limestone is soluble in water and weak acid solutions, so it is very possible that the ground beneath your Florida home could be moving and eroding due to the break down of the limestone beneath it. This can cause cracks in your walls, floors, foundation, concrete slab, or sidewalks and driveways. We have cement grouting products that can be used to fill voids and lift slabs or concrete. This keeps your home and surrounding area safe and strong.

Florida Leak Locator

If you notice any cracks in your foundation, take a look at them closely. It is good to know that the way the crack look can tell you a lot about that specific crack and what caused it. Vertical and horizontal cracks together mean that you are experiencing bowing or settling of your foundation walls. This is also the case of center converging cracks. A stair step crack usually indicates heaving or settlement of your foundation. The thing to remember is that when you see a crack, no matter the type, you are experiencing a problem with your foundation that could lead to leaking and water in your basement. You can call the Florida leak locator professionals at Foundation Professionals of Florida. We can verify the type of crack you have and what the best solutions is for it, whether it be an underpinning solution or an injection solution.

So contact Foundation Professionals of Florida today and we will gladly come to your home or business, check out your cracks and verify the potential for a leak. We can provide you with a best solution for your problem and give you an estimate for the job. We make it our priority to find the right solution for your leaks fast. Call us today!

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