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Seawall Repair in Miami

seawall repair in miami, floridaHurricanes, sinkholes, hot temperatures, and humid conditions are all hardships that home or business owners in Florida might have to endure. Not only are these conditions uncomfortable, but they can cause your foundation to shift or crack, leading to serious structural issues. Unfortunately, there is another danger for Florida residents on the coast – erosion. The best solution for erosion is seawall repair Miami, from Foundation Professionals of Florida.

Coastal erosion occurs as waves sweep across the beach, carrying small sediments of sand and soil back into the water with them. Eventually, this can process eat away at the land until nothing stops the ocean water from lapping right up against the foundation of your home or business. This is a serious problem, as water can weaken and degrade concrete to cause crumbling and cracking. In addition, it can wash away soil under the foundation, causing settlement or sinking. Erosion can also lead to leakage and water pooling in and around your structure.

Seawalls and Seawall Failure in Miami, Florida

Seawalls are the primary means of erosion protection throughout Miami, FL. Normally, seawalls are enough to prevent foundation issues from occurring due to erosion. However, if the seawall that protects your home or business becomes damaged, it could fail to stop coastal erosion. That is why Seawall Professionals of Florida offers reliable seawall repair for beachfront businesses and marinas as well as homes near Miami, Florida.

Examine your seawall to see if there are any issues that could be fixed with our bulkhead repair options. There are a few common symptoms that indicate that your seawall need is in need of repair:

  • Settlement or Sinking: If the seawall that protects your home starts to sink, it means that water has worn away the seawall enough that it can get underneath and erode the soil. When this happens, the voids caused by erosion do not provide for the seawall, which sinks and settles
  • seawall repair Miami, FLCracks in Seawall: If the seawall starts to deteriorate over time, it could lead to crack formation. This allows water to seep in and wash away the soil behind the seawall. As water washes away the soil, voids and spaces form that can cause structural damage to buildings nearby.
  • Bowing or Leaning: The seawall may also start to bow or lean as it weakens over time. This movement can cause it to collapse or form cracks that allow water to seep through. Once water can seep through the seawall it may further weaken the structure or wash away the ground under or behind the seawall.
  • Bulging or Rotating Seawalls: This problem is similar to bowing and leaning seawalls. Deterioration of the seawall due to age and harsh conditions can cause it to rotate or bulge, leading to water seeping underneath and causing erosion. This compromises the structural integrity of the seawall and leaves the foundation of your home or business exposed and vulnerable to water damage and settlement.

If you notice movement or cracks in your seawall, call us right away for professional seawall or bulkhead repair options.

Seawall Repair Options for Miami, FL

The expert crew at Seawall Professionals of Florida can find the problem with your seawall and have it fixed to prevent beach erosion on your property. We take on seawall erosion repair projects of all sizes – whether you have a residential or a commercial seawall, we can help. With over 30 years of experience in the business, we have the knowledge and skill necessary to take on large scale condo or marina seawall repair projects.

We use a polyurethane foam injection process to fill in voids that may have formed around your seawall in order to stabilize it. This foam expands as it is injected, meaning that it is able to fill gaps and holes that may have formed under the seawall. The polyurethane foam eliminates the empty space near the seawall and stabilizes surrounding soil to keep buildings above from becoming structurally compromised. We then fill any cracks to ensure that no future problems develop with the seawall. This thorough process works well for various stages of seawall erosion repair.

There are numerous benefits to choosing our team to handle repairing your failing seawall in the Miami, FL area. Some of these benefits include:

  • Seals out water to block erosion
  • Long-lasting and sturdy repairs
  • Stabilizes soil below and seawall above
  • Minimally invasive – no need to replace seawall
  • Completed in a timely manner
  • Experienced and professional team

If you see seawall failure, do not hesitate to call us right away. If you wait too long, the situation will only get worse. The longer you put off repairs, the worse the damage to your seawall will become. Extensive damage could mean that the only solution for your seawall is replacement which is a much more expensive option than seawall repair from Seawall Professionals of Florida.

Call our team today to get a free estimate for your residential or commercial seawall repair projects in the Miami, Florida area.

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