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Seawall Repair in Orlando

seawall repair in Orlando, FloridaEven though Orlando, FL is not located directly on the coast of Florida, it is close enough to experience the downsides of the ocean- harsh weather from hurricanes, extremely humid weather, hot summers, etc. In addition, Orlando is surrounded by several lakes, ponds, and swamps. All of this water can spell trouble for buildings in Orlando. If water collects near the foundation of your home, it can start to wear away at the concrete. Eventually, the moisture will seep through the concrete and cause the foundation to crumble and crack. The water might also soak all the way through the foundation and cause water to leak into your home, forming puddles and leading to water damage, musty odors, and more. If you have a home or business near a lake or other water source in the Orlando, FL area, you know how difficult it can be to protect against erosion and water entry. Fortunately, we provide effective seawall repair for Orlando homes.

Seawall and Lakewall Failure in Orlando, Florida

That is where seawalls (also called bulkheads) come in. It is extremely important to ensure that waterfront properties such as condos, homes, and marinas have strong seawalls or lake walls. Seawalls are structures made of a sturdy material that designed to stop waves before they can lap at the land near your home or business. These seawalls help to protect the buildings from beach erosion, a common cause of foundation problems in Florida. It is not surprising then that if the seawalls themselves start to fail, the nearby structure’s foundation will not be far behind.

There are a lot of different reasons that seawall failure might occur. The harsh weather can wear down these seawalls over time, causing them to become weaker. Or perhaps the seawall was not properly constructed in the first place. Sinkholes opening under seawalls or other kinds of soil movement can also be causes of seawall failure. Whatever the cause of your seawall failure, it is important that you have failing seawalls fixed as soon as you notice any sort of problems. Check for the following issues in your seawall to determine whether you are in need of expert seawall repair (also known as bulkhead repair) from Seawall Professionals of Florida:

  • Bowing or leaning of wall
  • Cracks in the seawall
  • Void formation near the wall
  • Outward movement of the wall

Over time, your seawall may start to wear down. This can lead to deterioration, bulging or rotation of the seawall, and crumbling of the seawall as moisture builds. You might also notice cracks appearing in your seawall. These cracks allow water to seep behind the wall and erode soil, leaving gaps that can cause soil to shift and lead to foundation movement of any nearby buildings. Because these issues can cause serious structural damage, it is important to have the seawall repaired right away.

Ultimately, seawall failure can lead to the erosion of soil around and underneath your foundation. Because these issues can cause serious structural damage, it is important to have the seawall repaired right away.

Seawall Repair Solutions for Orlando, FL

If you wait too long to have your seawall repaired, the problems might get worse and the seawall may even collapse. In cases like these, the only option often becomes completely replacing the seawall. This is much more expensive and time-consuming that repairing the seawall before the issues become severe. Fortunately, our seawall repair methods for the Orlando area are able to stabilize seawalls of all sizes. This means that we can use our seawall erosion repair methods to take care of seawalls near:

  • Residential homes and buildings
  • Waterfront resorts, parks, or hotels
  • Condos or apartments
  • Lakeside businesses – restaurants, clubs, etc.

Our primary seawall repair method is known as targeted grout injection and is a great option for seawall erosion occurring near any of these types of structures. In order to fill any spaces that have formed behind or under the seawall due to erosion, we inject a polyurethane foam. The foam fills in the voids and offers stability for the surrounding soil, as well as the building on top of that soil. Because our polyurethane foam expands as it is injected, it effectively compresses the soil around it to reduce shifting. Once the area is stabilized, we fill cracks in the seawall to keep erosion from occurring again. Our method is designed to prevent water from finding its way under the seawall, where it might wash away soil and threaten the strength of the structure. However, an added bonus of targeted grout injection is that it provides not only protection from water and erosion but added strength and stability for the seawall.

This repair process can be used to repair seawalls near residential homes or large scale commercial seawalls near marinas, condos, or other beachfront businesses. It is a long-lasting solution that does not take long to complete and is minimally invasive. For more information or to get a free seawall or lakewall repair quote for your Orlando, Florida property, call us today.

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