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Seawall Construction & Installation

vinyl or composite seawall installation processPrevent beach erosion with seawall installation or replacement. We offer professional vinyl and composite seawall installation to combat erosion and keep your home or business in top condition. Contact Seawall Professionals of Florida for all of your seawall needs.

Seawall Installation Process

The process that we use to install seawalls is known as vibratory pile installation. In this process, walls are installed from the land side. Sheets are advanced into the soil sheet by sheet with equipment that drives them into the soil. Each new sheet interlocks into the adjacent sheet through a track system to keep the wall secure and aligned with each other.

This installation method offers directional force into the soil, and the penetration motion of the driving focuses energy to the toe of the wall. This helps decrease soil resistance for better embedment and a more solid overall installation.

Why Install Composite or Vinyl Seawalls Over Other Types?

If your home sits on any sort of large body of water and does not have a seawall, you may be in danger of beach erosion. When erosion eats away at the coast near your structure, it increases the chances that water will seep under or around your foundation. This leads to water damage and soil movement, which cause a variety of issues, including settlement, leaking, deterioration, and uneven floors.

Vinyl and composite seawall construction can help protect against erosion and is a long-lasting solution that will protect your home better than other kinds of seawall construction. Concrete-rebar can rut and tieback will probably fail eventually. Timber seawalls are subject to marine bores and deterioration. Steel rusts, and you may not know it until the wall completely fails. These are all reasons to choose composite or vinyl seawalls from Seawall Professionals of Florida over other kinds of seawalls. Whether you are in need of seawall replacement due to seawall failure or new seawall construction, we can help.

Everlast Synthetic Seawall Advantage

To ensure that seawalls we install are up to the high standards of Florida residents, we utilize vinyl seawalls from Everlast Synthetic Products. Everlast synthetic sheet piling is cost-effective, non-corrosive, and environmentally-friendly, and serves a variety of purposes to meet your seawall needs. In addition, they are the only manufacturer where all products are 3rd party-tested on a finished product for over 10,000 hours for creep, interlocking, impact, leak, hot and cold expansion.

Some additional benefits of our seawall installation process include:

  • All designs are site specific
  • Highly durable
  • UV stabilized with titanium dioxide
  • Lightweight design
  • Available in grey, clay, and brown
  • Environmentally friendly (inner core is recycled PVC)
  • Lowest cost hard armoring system available
  • 50-year transferable limited warranty on products
  • 1-year installation warranty
  • Multiple cap systems available (aluminum/fiberglass composite, concrete with tie backs, or wood)
  • ISO certified and inspected
  • ATS tested

If you are in need of a new seawall for your home or business or of seawall repair, contact us here at Seawall Professionals of Florida. We serve the entire state of Florida.

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