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Seawall Failure Symptoms

If you live in Florida, it is important to know the signs of seawall failure. If the seawall that keeps your structure safe from coastal erosion develops problems, erosion could start washing away the soil that the foundation of your home or business rests on. Knowing whether or not there is an issue with your seawall can help you keep your beachfront business or home stable.

The following are some common symptoms of seawall failure in the Miami and Orlando, FL areas:

  • Seawall Bowing or Leaning: If the seawall starts to bow or lean, it could shift and develop cracks. This movement allows water to get behind the seawall and erode soil. This erosion, which the seawall is supposed to protect against, causes voids to open behind the wall.
  • Outward Movement / Misalignment of Seawalls: Similar to bowing or leaning, this often means that the seawall will not be able to effectively protect your building’s foundation from erosion. Seawall movement is usually the result of age or harsh conditions.
  • Crack Formation in Seawall: You may start to see horizontal cracks in your seawall, which often correspond with seawall leaning or bowing. These cracks then allow water to get through and wash away soil behind the wall, forming voids that create an unstable base for the foundation of nearby structures.
  • Seawall Deterioration: Prolonged exposure to saltwater, harsh weather, or age can all cause seawalls to deteriorate. This can lead to crack formation or collapsing, which then gives seawater the opportunity to erode the shore near your structure and cause instability in the foundation.

Know the Signs of Seawall Problems in Florida

seawall failure symptoms FloridaIf you do spot any of these issues, Seawall Professionals of Florida has over 30 years of experience in seawall repair solutions – do not hesitate to call us. We can repair seawalls near residential homes or large commercial structures including marinas, condos, resorts, and other beachfront businesses.

Our seawall repair options include a polyurethane foam injection and crack filling. The foam helps to stabilize voids that have formed due to erosion, keeping the seawall and nearby structures strong. The crack filling ensures that erosion is not an issue in the future.

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