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Seawall Repair in The Florida Keys

seawall repair florida keysThe Florida Keys is an archipelago off of the southern tip of the Florida peninsula. This system of small islands is made up almost entirely of coastline. That means there are countless homes and businesses in the Florida Keys that sit right on the coast, exposed to the surrounding sea. Many of these homes and businesses use seawalls to gain some protection from the threat of erosion. But what happens when the seawalls start to fail or develop structural problems? When this happens, seawall repair services are needed to prevent erosion from damaging homes and businesses. Seawall Professionals of Florida offers seawall repair throughout the state of Florida, even servicing the Florida Keys.

Beach erosion, or coastal erosion, happens when ocean waves gradually deplete the sand on the coastline, carrying it into the ocean. As this happens, the ground that supports your building from underneath wears away, leaving your home without adequate support. This leads to settling and sinking of the foundation. The seawater can also wear away at the concrete that holds up your structure, causing it to crumble or crack. Coastal erosion is a major factor in structural and foundation failure among residents of the Florida Keys. Hurricanes and tropical storms, common in Florida, can make this erosion even worse.

Coastal erosion is a major factor in structural and foundation failure among residents of the Florida Keys. Hurricanes and tropical storms, common in Florida, can make this erosion even worse, speeding the process up. But erosion most often happens slowly. This is why many homeowners do not realize just what a problem it is. You may not realize that erosion has caused structural damage until the damage is very severe.

Seawalls and Seawall Issues in The Florida Keys

Erosion can cause such serious issues for your Florida Keys home or business. Seawalls, also known as bulkheads, are your first line of defense. These structures are retaining walls located on coastlines that are designed to keep water away from your property. Seawalls can be made out of a variety of materials – what is more important is that they are sturdily built and in good condition. Seawalls that are cracked, or no longer properly positioned fail to keep seawater away. That is why it is vital for you to watch for signs of seawall failure and call a repair expert as soon as you notice any. Normally, signs of seawall failure include:

  • seawall failure florida keysGaps or holes under the seawall
  • Cracks in the seawall
  • Seawall deterioration or crumbling
  • Bowing or leaning walls
  • Bulging or rotating walls
  • Settlement or shifting of seawalls

If you notice any of these occurring in your seawall, it may not be effectively preventing your soil from erosion. If your seawall has developed cracks, water can seep through and erode soil or damage your home. Gaps and spaces underneath seawalls can also allow water to get through. Seawalls that are shifting or settling may collapse, failing to protect you from erosion. Sometimes, seawall damage is the result of improper installation of seawalls. However, time, weather, and soil conditions can also cause seawalls to become unstable. Leaving your seawall

Leaving a damaged seawall alone will only cause the problem to worsen. This may even result in the need to replace the seawall completely, an expensive task. Save money by contacting Seawall Professionals of Florida as soon as you find an issue.

Seawall Repair Solutions for The Florida Keys

To combat seawall failure, our team specializes in seawall repair. We are able to lift and stabilize seawalls with targeted grout injection. This process fills in voids under the seawall with a polyurethane foam grout. The grout expands as it is injected into the hole, lifting the settled seawall and compacting the soil underneath to reduce chances of seawall failure in the future. This also helps to close any cracks that formed in the seawall as a result of settlement. Once the seawall has been lifted, any holes and cracks can be patched to leave the seawall as good as new.

This is a method that works great for commercial projects as well as residential jobs. We have used our seawall grout injection repair method to fix seawalls on the following types or properties:

  • Homes
  • Coastal Condos
  • Apartment Buildings
  • Shopping Centers
  • Waterfront Business
  • Beachfront Resorts
  • Marinas

Whichever kind of property you have, do not hesitate to contact us for a free estimate. Our team works to find the best option for your seawall and complete repairs in a timely, professional manner.

The polyurethane foam dries fast, and injection is minimally invasive. This means that you will not be losing money due to lengthy repairs that obstruct operations or cause a hassle for you and your family. Our seawall erosion repair method is also a cost-effective option that does not require you to completely replace your seawall. Contact Seawall Professionals of Florida today to learn more about our seawall repair options in the Florida Keys.

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