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Seawall Repair West Palm Beach

seawall repair west palm beach, flThe city of West Palm Beach, Florida is located directly on the east coast of the state. That means that there are a lot of homes and businesses with coastal property in West Palm Beach. Many of these homes or businesses may experience the effects of coastal erosion at some point. As the ocean waves on your beachfront property carry sand and soil into the sea, they slowly erode the land that your structure sits on. Normally, this problem is combatted by seawalls, structures designed to prevent the erosion of coastal land. However, seawalls can become ineffective if they crack or settle. That is why Seawall Professionals of Florida provides seawall repair for West Palm Beach structures and properties, whether residential or commercial.

Not only does erosion affect the land underneath your foundation, it can also cause problems in your structure itself. Water that is allowed to collect near your foundation can seep into the concrete, weakening it and causing it to crumble. This water can also leak into your home through cracks or through the porous concrete, causing water damage and other problems – like mold rust – in your home. Seawalls help to prevent all of these issues and leave your home structurally sound and dry.

Seawalls & Seawall Problems in West Palm Beach

Have you ever seen a coastline where the water crashes against a steep slope, wearing away at the bottom of the slope until the top of the slope overhangs the water below. Seawalls, or bulkheads, are designed to prevent this kind of dangerous erosion from happening on your property. Made of sturdy materials, seawalls help stop waves before they can wash away the land in front of your coastal home or business. However, seawall failure is a common problem and prevents seawalls from effectively keeping the water at bay.

Seawalls can develop structural issues for many different reasons. Often the failure of your seawall is the result of aging or harsh weather, causing cracks to form or leaving the seawall deteriorated. The seawall may have even been poorly built, increasing the likelihood that structural failure will occur. One reason seawalls often experience failure is soil movement. If the soil under your seawall dries up, it shrinks, forming voids in the ground and shifting. Excess moisture can also cause soil to move, as it erodes underground or expands and pushes on the seawall. Examine your seawall for the following signs of failure to see whether or not you are in need of seawall repair services in West Palm Beach:seawall failure west palm beach florida

  • Crack formation
  • Voids or gaps in the ground nearby
  • Outward movement of seawall
  • Bowing or leaning of the wall
  • Crumbling or deterioration of the seawall
  • Bulging or rotating of the wall
  • Settlement or shifting of the seawall

These are all indicators that your seawall has developed a structural problem that may be preventing it from doing its job. Problems like cracks and gaps forming under the seawall allow water to seep behind it. This increases the chances of water damage in your home and of erosion. If you neglect to fix your damaged seawall, it will only worsen, requiring more expensive and invasive repair methods. Problematic seawalls that are left without repair too long may even pass the point of repair and require an entirely new seawall.

Seawall Repair West Palm Beach, FL Services

If you do notice signs of stress in your seawall, call Seawall Professionals of Florida right away. We offer effective seawall erosion repair for residents of the West Palm Beach, Florida area. Our primary method of seawall repair is known as targeted grout injection. This is a process that involves injecting a polyurethane foam into voids or uneven spots under the seawall. As this grout is injected, it expands, filling in all crevices under the seawall and compressing the surrounding soil. Not only does this provide lift and stabilization, but it prevents further failure from occurring in the future. Another benefit to using polyurethane foam for seawall lifting and stabilization is that it is minimally invasive and cures quickly. This means your property will be repaired in no time with little to no disruption of the surrounding property. Once the seawall has been appropriately lifted and stabilized, any remaining cracks can be sealed to prevent water from leaking through.

This method of repair works well for all sorts of different properties, including:

  • Waterfront businesses
  • Coastal resorts, parks, and restaurants
  • Residential homes or vacation homes
  • Shopping centers on the coast
  • Beachfront condos or apartments
  • Marinas and piers

Whether you live on the coast of West Palm Beach or near one of the many lakes or ponds in the area, we can help. Investing in professional seawall repair will give you peace of mind in knowing that your home is protected from damaging erosion. Our team has the necessary skills and experience to handle both large and small seawall repair jobs. We provide the long-lasting solutions that you need to ensure that your seawall is able to keep water from causing problems in your home or business.

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