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Seawall Erosion & Seawall Repair Specialists

seawall erosion in FloridaSeawall Professionals of Florida specialize in seawall erosion and seawall repair in the state of Florida, including Orlando and Miami. Seawall erosion has become a large problem in Florida for homeowners and business owners alike. Overtime, seawalls erode and crack. When this occurs, water can pass through the seawall and wash out the soil as it exits, which can create a void that can turn into a sinkhole or cause settlement of the land and structures above. You might have no idea this is occurring.

However, there are signs of seawall problems. You might notice an outward movement of the seawall or notice that it is misaligned. The seawall may have visible anchor rods as well, and they may show signs of deterioration. The ground behind the seawall may show signs of settlement. When the tide is low, there may be visible cracks in the seawall.

Can You Repair Your Seawall vs. Replace It?

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We have seawall repair solutions to save your seawall and your property. We use polyurethane injections to fill voids that occur when ground soil washes away through seawall cracks. We can also seal the cracks to stop this from occurring in the future.

Seawall Professionals of Florida is a division of Foundation Professionals of Florida, a trusted name in foundation and concrete repair in the state of Florida. Count on the trusted team of Seawall Professionals to save your seawall and make your property safe again. Call for a free estimate today.

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    We are a fully qualified licensed Florida Contractor. We took the extra steps to becoming your number one provider, unlike some of our other competitors around the area who aren’t licensed. It takes good business practice, dedication and quality work to become a fully licensed Florida Contractor. Seawall Professionals of Florida strives to bring you the best quality work and we have proof to back us up. We specialize in solutions for seawalls in Florida, including Miami and Orlando.


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