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Seawall Repair in St. Petersburg

seawall erosion repair in st petersburg, flThe city of St. Petersburg, FL is located near Tampa and is surrounded on nearly all sides by the Tampa Bay. Because of its extensive coastline, coastal erosion can be a big problem in St. Petersburg. Coastal erosion is not only a threat to the coastline, but also to buildings nearby. The encroaching water can seep into the concrete and wash away soil under the foundation, causing major foundation issues. That is why it is so important for residents of the St. Petersburg area to invest in seawall repair as soon as they see signs of an issue.

When sandy coasts like those of Florida are left exposed to large bodies of water such as the ocean or the Tampa Bay, it is only a matter of time before erosion becomes an issue. The water will soon start to wash away the sandy soils, making the coast smaller and smaller. Eventually, these waves can reach buildings on the coast and seep into the concrete foundations. This seepage can cause moisture issues as well as weakening and deterioration in the concrete itself.

Erosion is also made worse by the frequent hurricanes and storms that affect Florida. These storms cause excessive precipitation that can add to erosion and can raise the sea level, leading to even more erosion.

Prevent Erosion with Seawalls in St. Petersburg

Fortunately, there is a solution to protect your home or business in St. Petersburg from the harms of beach erosion. That solution is to have a seawall installed. Seawalls are structures that can be made from a variety of materials with one purpose in mind – stopping erosion. These structures, also known as bulkheads, are a necessity in St. Petersburg. The ocean and the bay are not the only sources of issue for home or business owners. Rivers, lakes, and other large bodies of water can also lead to erosion. For these situations, special seawalls known as lake walls can be used.

Seawalls can be designed for both homes and businesses. No matter what kind of structure you have in St. Petersburg, protect it with a seawall.

St. Petersburg, Florida Seawall Issues

Even though seawalls are generally very effective at protecting your home or business from the erosion, there are times that they can fail. If your seawall becomes damaged in any way, its ability to keep water away from your foundation may be compromised. This can happen due to a variety of reasons. In many cases, seawall failure is the result of age. Old seawalls might start to deteriorate, shift, or develop cracks. Other times, seawalls will start to develop issues because they were poorly constructed in the first place. Harsh weather and soil conditions can also lead to seawall problems. Heavy winds, hail, blowing debris, or excessive rain can wear away at the seawall.  Soil that has absorbed a lot of moisture will expand and push on the seawall, causing it to shift or crack. Soil that is too dry will allow voids to form in the ground, leading to seawall settlement.

seawall problems st petersburg, floridaIf you notice any of the following symptoms in your seawall, contact the repair experts at Seawall Professionals of Florida right away:

  • Depressions or holes in the nearby ground
  • Cracks in the seawall
  • Bowing or leaning of the wall
  • Deterioration or crumbling
  • Bulging or rotating of the wall
  • Outward movement of seawall
  • Settlement or shifting

Seawalls that are showing any of these problems may allow water to seep through or underneath. That water can then lead to erosion and cause issues for your home or business’ foundation. If you fail to have your seawall repaired, these issues will likely become worse. The worse the problem is in your seawall, the more expensive and invasive the repair solution will likely be. That is why it is important to call us as soon as you see any signs of seawall failure.

Seawall Repair for Residents of St. Petersburg

Fortunately, we offer reliable solutions to take care of seawall problems. Our seawall repair technique involves a method known as targeted grout injection. In this process, a polyurethane foam grout is injected under the seawall to fill in holes and voids. The foam expands when it is injected, ensuring that it completely fills the space and compressing the soil around it to create a more solid base. This helps to raise the seawall back to the appropriate level. Once this part of the repair process is complete, any cracks that have opened in the seawall are sealed shut to keep water from leaking through. This is our method of choice because it is highly effective, quick to implement, and minimally invasive. Our team can use this method for the following applications:

  • Waterfront businesses
  • Residential or vacation homes
  • Coastal shopping centers
  • Beachfront condos or apartments
  • Marinas and piers
  • Resorts, Parks and Restaurants

If you live in the St. Petersburg, FL area and are concerned about problems with your seawall, contact us today. Our complete solutions for seawall erosion repair can ensure that your home is well protected. Call now to get a free estimate for your home or business.

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