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Seawall Repair

Seawalls are our coastal defense against the sea. They are there to protect homes and businesses, as well as beaches from the harsh tides and waves. Because of that harsh environment, it is very common for seawalls to fall into disrepair. You can avoid replacement of your seawall with the help of Seawall Professionals of Florida. We can help large scale Marinas and Beachfront businesses, as we have the tools needed to handle large scale seawall repairs.

As seawalls breakdown and erode, as you can see in the graphic above, cracks will form in the wall. This allows sea water to rush in and easily wash away soil behind the wall. This leaves voids that will become a large danger to the property above the area.

Expert Seawall Repairs

We can drill into these voids and fill them with polyurethane foam to prevent collapse of the area. We will also seal cracks in your seawall to prevent further problems. To learn more about our seawall repair process or to get a quote, contact Seawall Professionals of Florida today.  We serve Miami, Orlando, and anyone needing assistance with their seawall or lake walls in Florida.

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